Saturday, January 28, 2012

LRC Labels for "I'm a Caterpillar"

Download the Labels for the SI and OL words for ir, er, and ur HERE.

Download the Labels for the SI and OL words for ir, er, and ur HERE.

Want to learn more about Left Right Center word working games?  Check HERE.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Left Right Center Game Lables

If you haven't hopped over to my Swamp Frog Blog....please check out the 

My firsties are having a marvelous time playing this game during small groups
and I've found that if I create labels and have a different group create a set of cards each day,
they're even more into the game...not as fancy as the monsters....BUT....
lots less ink and the kids are creating the cards! 

I've uploaded the labels for "Frog and Toad Together"word work words for this week.
Download ed and ing labels ....HERE!

Need some advanced words?  Download them HERE!

And here's some labels for the AR words from the story!

I made more Left Right Center cards than are on the labels for you to download as the kids love the action and movement these cards give them! a set of labels with just Left-Right-Center on them!

Enjoy your Day!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Early Bird Word

Looking for some Early Bird Word to put on the board?
Try these and see what you think....
Let me know how they go...

Download the powerpoint HERE


PS....want a cute game to go with your sight word or phonetic skill practice for the week...
Hop over to "The Swamp" to see about 
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