Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to School and a Basket of Goodies!

It's Back to School Shopping Time here in Shelby County.
Teachers head back next Monday.....
Where did the summer go?

I LOVE to shop for school supplies....I know...
it's weird ...but probably why I LOVE to teach so much too... :)
Do you have a favorite back to school item you "have to have" to start back to school?

I've been introduced to an online resource I'd like to share with you where you can find tons of great back to school deals for the things we use in the classroom all the time....

Discount Office Items accepts PO Orders and has a teacher deal going at the moment...
Check out some of the things I spotted that I love to start the school year with in my class...
Like these cool pens that are my favorite....
And this set of Prang Crayons ..... I LOVE having more than 24 colors to choose from :)  
At this price, I can afford to get a couple of sets for my stations :)

And even the "dreaded pencil sharpener" purchase of the year.... 
I don't know about you, but I'm finding it harder and harder to find a pencil sharpener that will last throughout the year with my firsties!  I'm hoping one of these choices will be the "winner"!

has offered a goody basket of over $200 worth of "Back to School"
 things for me to share with some friends...
So, I thought I'd share with some of my Shelby County Teacher Friends!
we're headed back next week and I thought it would be
easy to send the bounty through the 'pony'....

If you teach in a Shelby County School (TN)
would like to enter a chance to share this goody basket with me...

please leave a comment below telling about your...
"Must Have Back to School Item"

Include your scs email at the end of your comment
so...I can get in touch with the lucky winner

Only one entry per person....please....but
feel free to share this opportunity with other teachers at your SCS School.

I'll do the pull the winner out of a hat
 and the close the entries on
 Saturday morning
July 28th 
8:oo am  (SCS Tn Time)

Have a Great Last Week of Summer!


  1. I can't do without Expo Dry Erase Markers. My kiddos use the medium points and I love the regular size! Thanks for including SCS teachers in your giveaway!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I absolutely love the cute backpacks and lunch boxes. It makes me sad that my two not so little ones don't go for the cute'zy ones anymore :( I also like all the organization stuff. Why can't my room look like it does in my head.


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